Building Challenge

The Randolph College Science Festival challenges you to build an amusement park ride. The rules are simple because the only rule is that you can only use materials you already have. You can use traditional building materials like blocks or get creative with paper towel rolls, milk cartons and more! When you have finished, take a picture or video and submit it along with information about your team and a description of your ride at This challenge is open to all ages and you can work on your own or as a team with anyone in your home.

Submit your project by May 1, 2020 to be considered for prizes. The top prize in each category is a $100 gift card to Givens Books and Little Dickens! We will give awards for:

– Most creative use of materials
– Most innovative
– Most fun

If you need inspiration, check out…/…/

Congratulations to all entrants! Here are some highlights:

Elliot and Isaac – Dumbo and Friends – FIRST PRIZE: Most Creative Use of Materials
Our ride is like the Flying Dumbo ride, but with lots of different characters. The seats are the perfect size for caterpillars and stink bugs to ride in! We used cardboard, bottle caps, tape, hot glue, craft decorations, and wooden skewers to build our ride, with paint to decorate it. The seats go up and down as the ride spins. “I like how the seats are decorated with animals, and a soccer ball!” – Isaac, age 7

Olivia (10) and Mia (8) – The Stick Drop
Our roller coaster is made from a pool noodle, pipe cleaners, string, wooden blocks, an applesauce container, recycled bean cans, popsicle sticks, toilet paper rolls, tape, and a few chairs. We think this is fun ride because there is a slow slope which makes you think the ride is going to be slow and boring, but then you twist and drop down the stick tower until you hit the free falling elevator which takes you safely to the ground.

Ella (3rd grade)

Mason (9) – Mason Land with Ping Pong Drop – FIRST PRIZE (tied): Most Innovative
There are several rides in my amusement park that I describe in my video. The fastest ride and best is the ping pong drop. You have to get inside a car and start at the top of the the rollercoaster ramp. As you fly down the ramp, the ping pong ball will set off a trap to send your friends flying thru the air.

Oliver (10) – Legoland Park – The RPM
The RPM is a fast moving swing ride that is controlled by one main controller. The faster you go, the higher the ride takes you. After one minute when the ride is finished, a black digital screen shows your ride RPM (how many times you went around). It’s neat because the size of the two riders will effect the speed so it’s like an experiment too.

Noelle (11) – The 90’s Baby – FIRST PRIZE: Most Fun
My rollercoaster is a once in a lifetime experience. With vibrant neon colors and bright shining lights, it is an unforgettable ride. Crowds will be attracted to the thrilling design and experience. Whether you ride it during the day, to see the incredible neon design, or during the night, to admire the brilliant lights, it is magnificent. All of the twists and turns through tunnels and loops in the air, make it exciting. No matter who experiences it, it is sure to be a show stopper and a popular ride.

Liz (42) – The Corona Coaster – FIRST PRIZE (tied): Most Innovative
What’s wilder than this pandemic? We didn’t ask to ride it, but it’s too late to get off now! We’ll speed down the Toilet Paper Tower of Terror, then hit the W.H.O.ville Kiddie Roller Coaster, then go through the Tunnel of Love (to Stay at Home), then finish our Bumper Car Ambulance Ride at the end of this terrible ride, which of course, is, due to amazing science THE VACCINE! Let’s not ride it again! Built by Time & Tape Engineering.

Building Challenge